Resort Policies and Guidelines

1 Check-in time is 2:00 pm. Check out time is 12:00 noon the following day for room accommodation.

For day rate using cabana or gazebo Check-in is 8:00 am. Check-out is 6:00pm

For night rate using cabana or gazebo Check-in is 7:00 pm. Check-out is 6:00am

2. Smoking inside the room is not allowed. If you want to smoke, please utilize our smoking area. A charge of Php 2,000 if you smoke inside the room

3. Deadly weapons and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited inside the Resort.

4. Pets are not allowed inside the Resort Area and inside the Resort rooms.

5. Bringing of alcohol is strictly prohibited. 

6. Please be considerate of other guests; please do not make excessive noise after 10:00 pm.

7. For safety reasons, use of resort swimming pool is until 10:00 pm only.

8. Cooking Inside the resort room is strictly prohibited.

9. Losses of any valuable items or destruction of resort’s property will be charged accordingly. Report damaged or missing items to the resort supervisor.

10. The management is not liable for the loss of your valuables. Please secure them properly.

11. When leaving your room, make sure your room is locked and secure the room key or key deposited at the front desk.

12. Please secure accommodation key. We will charge Php 1,500 for any loss or damage of room key/key chain

13. Request for extension of time is subject for availability of room and will be charged accordingly

14. Bottled water and soda are available in the resort.

15. Being an environmentally conscious resort, change of bedding linens and hand/ bath towel is done on the second day of stay. Extra pillow, towels, soap and shampoo will incur a corresponding charge.

16. Please read our swimming pool rules and regulation for safety precautions

17. The management reserves the right to refuse entry/stay to individuals violating Resort policies and guidelines.

18. When checking out kindly proceed to front desk for clearance and surrender the key.